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Some sketchbook work for today, more coming soon.


Word of Mouth!

20120212-225149.jpg Hey everyone! This is a sticker I just designed for savannah based band “Word of Mouth”

DJ Ray Album Cover

ImageI recently did this album cover for Detroit based DJ Ray. Hope you like it!


So I had some time to kill before work and I decided that I was going to spend it sketching. I don’t sketch enough and I really need to make sure that I do. An illustrator that I admire once said that there are 50,000 bad drawings inside of every human and the object is to get them out as quick as possible. I am going to say right now that I am giving myself an assignment, to do at least 10 separate sketches every week. I think that it will be good for me, I need to have more self discipline when it comes to my artwork. Enjoy!


Sorry to everybody that I haven’t kept up with what I said about posting every Monday, but I have been having a hectic two weeks. I just recently started a new job, unfortunately nobody knows who I am so I can’t make a living off of my art yet, I am going to try to keep up with my blog though. This is a t-shirt design that I did for a dinner that “The Bay Leaf” is hosting in Michigan on November 2nd. Anyone that bought a ticket for the dinner is going to get a complimentary shirt. They are preparing a five course dinner and each dish is going to contain pork somehow. Hope you like it!


I had an extremely inspired weekend… Thank you for everything Word of Mouth! Every moment spent with you guys is worth a thousand years.

Hello World, Welcome To My Brand Spanking New Art Blog!!!

I am going to start posting sketchbook drawings, projects I am working on, Galleries I am going to be showing at, ect. Anything and everything that is about my art. Check back often because I am going to be updating my blog starting every monday! I know i’m excited too!